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About CraftStirs

Each CraftStirs sachet is the culmination of a journey. The purpose of that journey was to bring consumers handcrafted cocktails that they can enjoy affordably, and in good company, wherever life takes them.

So we slipped into crowds and leaned over bars around the country, hunting for the perfect way to bring artisanal mixology to the moments that matter most. The special, irreplaceable moments that don’t just happen at bars.

Festivals, vacations, nights out on the town, gatherings around board games and board rooms. Campfires, dates, and drinks after work, or wherever they imagine. CrafStirs delivers premium cocktails to match any occasion.

Now, it doesn’t take a mixologist to create the perfect cocktail, a bunch of ingredients, or years of practice. As an added value, we keep the party going. Each packet features a unique question designed to start great conversations, drive the social experience, and entertain.




Over the past two centuries, House-Autry has built a trusted Southern cooking brand with a strong South Atlantic Distribution Network. Our core products are Seafood & Chicken Breaders, Hushpuppy Mixes, and an array of other products that allow our consumers to create delicious Southern Cuisine.

At the end of the day, our mission is to connect people and bring friends and families together. That’s why the heart of our brands is centered around Crafted Good- ness: Our way of expressing, Authenticity, Experience, Indulgence, Quality, Convenience, and Expertise in two words!